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Its all smoke and mirrors

Posted on 2006.02.11 at 20:05
And yet again I am...: lethargiclethargic
rocking out to...: BYOB
Okay Carrie's party was off the chain for sure. So many funny things happened that night. Megan and I go to move my car, and i let meg drive. We pull some crazy donut stunt and almost crash into a tree, fence, and ditch. It was so fun though. Brian brought his DDR game over. Him and carrie played that most of the night. Potter and Mary went to IHOP. The rest of us moved the party out back where anything went. It was awesome. We tried to keep everything nice and organized for easy clean up. We had all of our crush bottles lined up and we had all the cigar butts in a pile. Then Mike decided to stand on the table and scream..."Check out my bumbum!" hence knocking everything over. All in all it was an awesome night. All i need to do now is get some sleep


beautiful disasters (Anonymous) at 2006-02-12 14:09 (UTC) (Link)


hey it`s mike. if you thought that was a fun time, you should have come to my party in the store last night ;)

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