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Posted on 2006.02.09 at 22:27
And yet again I am...: awakeawake
rocking out to...: Head bangers - I smoke i drank
OOPS. I just updated this stupid thing and my computer deleted it all. curse technology. Im trying to think of some more songs to download. great now i forgot what i wrote before.

Anyway my main topic is Carrie's upcoming party. Yea its going to be off the chain. Her mom and stepdad are out of state so we're partying. Potter is more excitted than anyone else b/c she's under lock down. We have to rescue her from her mom's house so she can come. b/c her dad already told her mom they went out of state. Anyway there's going to be a bunch of people there. The TRU crew's coming. including Any who tried to commit suicide by jumping off of the exit sign at TRU. HE landed in a tree. Mike's also going. He's suppose to bring us our labels. I haven't used that word in a while. We're moving to party in the back yard so we dont trash the house too bad. I CAN'T WAIT. I haven't partied in a while. I wish i didn't have to go to work saturday though. Then i could just sleep in all day. oh well.

Work has been entertaining as well. The only thing that sucks is the massive hour cut. Its not bad enough that we were short handed already now they had to cut everyone's hours. I've noticed they cut a hlaf hour from me every week. go figure. I din' get a raise either. Those bastards. Oh well im outta there in like 6 months anyway. And Im not going to miss it at all. Well that's not true. I am going to miss the talks with Sharron about how to apply a female condom. And then we had roboerto explaining how he learned to apply a condom on a banana in health class.

Nobody is going to be in B3 tomorrow b/c Snydie isn't going to be there. I'd skip but i have Anal Func right before that and we have a quiz in there. Actually we have a quiz everyday in there. ugh. Math is gay. I also have Demsick. The worst teacher ever. I failed the chapter 9 test because he didnt't teach me anything. The only thin i learned was that if a spin around in a circle long enough i can't walk straight during a fire drill.

OMG. speaking of the fire drill we have a new gate in the main entrance to the school between guidance and the library. It's supose to keep people out but i think its jst to keep us in. Anyway its supose to open during a fire drill but never did. We had over half the school stuck in the hall way with no one out. we had to filter through the side hallways. If that had been a real fire we all would of been dead. But hey, at least a mass murderer can't get in....go figure.

Im still waiting to find out what i got on the beast monsters project. The anticipation is killing me. I really want to know what pottter got. I think i worked harder on her project than i did on my own. Im going to laugh if she gets a higher grade than me. I hope i get an A. I have an A in that class which is like unheard of. I really dont care what i get as long as i dont have to take the exam im fine.

Well that's all i have to say for now. Ill be sure to update after carrie's party.

It's all smoke and mirrors

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